Allan's August Market Update

Published: 06/08/2021 By Allan Fuller

July was bound to be an interesting month, the mad dash to get agreed sales to complete and benefit from the stamp duty reductions before the end of June was over. We breathed a collective sigh of relief that all of the sales we had agreed, that we hoped would make the deadline, managed to complete.

We were then wondering what July would bring because so much had been happening and inevitably because people had brought forward their plans to move, and beat the deadline.
It seemed inevitable therefore that the enquiry level would drop and activity slow down. Despite that assumption we have remained very busy especially with house sales where we have had several properties attracting competing offers. A particular incentive right now is some amazing mortgage deals on offer with rock bottom interest rates, which will not last forever, so buy now while stocks last! 

August is often thought to be a slow month in property due to school holidays, in fact it is often still a busy month. Not everyone is away and this year with far fewer people going abroad there is every likelihood that we will still be very active. Working from home, either all week or just part of the week will continue to create demand for more space, and gardens, especially from people who have acquired pets in lockdown.