Allan's August Market Update

Published: 05/08/2020 By Allan Fuller

We are halfway through 2020 and if anyone has predicted at the end of 2019 what was to come, no one would have believed them.
We are all pleased to be working back in the office, being very careful, keeping our doors locked, visitors masked when entering the office, ensuring the hand sanitise is used on entry and exit and keeping to the social distancing measures. Getting used to doing more Zoom conferencing. Showing properties in masks and gloves and again keeping to social distancing. Right now this is the normal and will be for a while to come. Despite all of this we have been pleased with the amount of transactions we have agreed in July. August is usually a month of activity with our lettings department, finding flats for graduates starting work in central London, but this year probably nothing like the normal scale of previous times. 
We have seen more interest from buyers looking for houses and flats with gardens, probably because having been stuck at home the desire to have outside space is now a key factor. 
Whatever your plans might be for your home, do let us know how we can help you. There is much misguided advice now, but with our combined vast experience we will give you straight honest advice. There is a tendency with some agents to over-value a potential clients property to impress, don’t get fooled. Correctly priced property are selling and letting, but if too high a price is asked the property gets stale and most likely when a buyer is eventually found after a few price drops, wont achieve as good a price as it would have done if priced correctly at the beginning.