Allan's April Market Update

Published: 27/03/2024 By Allan Fuller

Inflation dropping to 3.4% is extremely good news, which is probably why it was not trumpeted from the top of every news item, the media much prefer headline grabbing bad news. 

What we would all like to see is interest rates following suit and  coming down. However, the Bank of England are being ultra cautious by again announcing no change but  promises of jam later. Central banks are by their nature cautious, but the likelihood is that rates will be coming down in the next few months. Mortgage lenders are already factoring in changes and offering some better deals.

Easter is always the herald of more activity in property, clocks are going forward an hour so longer days, better weather all point to a much busier time ahead for property. I have always said that confidence is vital, when interest rates are increasing buyers are naturally cautions, but when the trend is reducing rates, confidence returns and activity will be increasing considerably.