Allan's April Market Update

Published: 09/04/2021 By Allan Fuller

It hardly seems possible that we are now in the second quarter of 2021, or that so much of the last 12 months has been in lockdown. Unlike many organisations we have been able to operate from our premises, albeit with a staff rota and taking every possible safety measure. Despite everything we have had a very successful start to the year, having arranged a considerable number of sales and lettings across all ranges. Not only has that side of our business been thriving but our Block Management service has taken over the management of several buildings and is working through assimilating them into our portfolio.

With the UK having a great success rolling out the vaccine and the proposed staggering of the removal of restrictions we all are hoping that greater normality will be returning even though great care is needed. 

For property, one issue that will certainly be affecting the London market is how much home working will continue. From a lot of people we have been talking to who have been working from home it is surprising how many are looking forward to getting back to office working, or a combination of both. We have had very few people moving out into the country from here, maybe it is because Putney is such a great place to live, we certainly think so!