A Compliment from a competing agent

Published: 08/07/2020 By Allan Fuller

A Compliment we feel

Liz, our Sales Manager went to appraise a house recently and chatted to the owner giving her views of value and how we could work from him to get the best results. The conversation went well and Liz explained how we work in a friendly very professional way.  She also asked him if he had seen other agents. He replied he had, and mentioned to one of them  that he was also seeing our company, the agent said, oh yes, ‘they are a cute family business, but we have a lot more offices’ 

Big is not always beautiful, being family owned and regarding all who work with us to be part of a family certainly is what we are proud to think sets us apart. Moving house is not a flippant decision, we know it’s not all fun.  In fact can be very stressful. Not everyone is moving because they want to. 

Our experience means we are empathetic to all of our customers situations and do everything possible to make the process as easy and smooth as we can. 
If that’s being cute then we take it as a great compliment!