A Bridge Too Far Gone

Published: 29/04/2019 By Allan Fuller

Hammersmith Bridge has suddenly been closed indefinitely. Anyone one driving over it shortly before it was closed as I did can hardly be surprised, the surface was about as uneven as a rock strewn cart track.

It is truly amazing that those responsible did not see this coming. The cast iron bridge was built in 1887 for horse drawn carriages and cars.

Patch and mend and weight restrictions over a lengthy period have never addressed the weakness of the bridge, with modern engineering techniques and materials surely the centre of the bridge carrying the roadway could be completely renewed, and the graceful Victorian ironwork incorporated?

It’s a shame a reputed £40m was wasted on the vanity project of a ‘Garden Bridge’ for pedestrian while a major artery across the river for all users is now closed for probably years to come.