Sewer Works Enhance Putney Embankment
Monday 01st October 2018

Tideway, the company behind the super sewer project, have reached computer generated images (CGI) of what Putney Embankment may look like once the project is finished.

The picture shows a raised paved platform area that will offer elevated views over the river. The platform will be be level with the embankment at the eastern end giving easy access and by a few steps at the western end because of the slope in the embankment, the platform will offer seating and a public art venue and a metal strip illustration the starting point of the University Boat Race. Although it will provide a spectacular viewing point for the Thames it looks as though it will obscure views from Putney Embankment down towards Putney Bridge.

The platform will host a ventilation column, and conceal the infrastructure to do with the connection of the Sewer Outfall to the main tunnel plus an electrical control kiosk (mistakenly described as a lift in an earlier report). 

It is one of seven CGI images that has been released by the company of new public spaces that they say will be a legacy of the project.

The 25km super sewer is an infrastructure project that will modernise London’s ageing sewage system and aims to improve the environment by preventing millions of tonnes of sewage overflowing into the river each year.

Sir Joseph Bazalgette, who designed London’s original sewer system over 150 years ago, built out onto the river creating the Victoria, Albert and Chelsea Embankments. Tideway say they will be honouring that legacy by also building out onto the river, creating seven new landscaped areas which will include sites at Chelsea, Albert, Victoria Embankments, Blackfriars Bridge, King Edward Memorial Park and Heathwall Pumping Station and as well as Putney Embankments.

Parts of the new spaces at Victoria and Chelsea Embankments and at King Edward Memorial Park will be ‘floodable’ at high tides, giving Londoners the first opportunity of its kind to dip their toe in what will be a cleaner River Thames.

Roger Bailey, Tideway’s Chief Technical Officer, said: “When Sir Joseph Bazalgette unveiled his vision for London’s sewer system more than 150 years ago, he changed the look and character of the city with the creation of the Chelsea, Victoria and Albert Embankments.

“Similarly, the construction of London’s new super sewer will create three acres of new public space designed to reconnect the capital’s residents and visitors with the River Thames. In keeping with Bazalgette’s legacy, the new public spaces will be designed to enhance the environment and provide a lasting legacy. Our ambition is to celebrate the River Thames as the heart of London.”

Tideway’s designers have worked closely with artists at each location to develop a trail of contemporary artwork that explore themes from the River’s history and its significant role in the city’s development.


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