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Property Management

Sometimes finding a tenant and moving then into a property is the easy bit, running the letting smoothly thereafter can turn out to be the tricky part. However hard you try things can go wrong.

A plumbing leak at midnight with a distraught tenant on the phone may be the last thing you want, or calls about noisy neighbours. These are just two examples of a myriad of difficulties that can arise.

Also there is a welter of ever increasing legislation that landlords have to comply with, have you really got the time and inclination to keep up to date and deal with it all?  

There is no need to worry, because we provide a very easy and simple way to avoid all of this.  Appoint us as your managing agent. That way we are the middleman, your tenant never contacts you, we deal with everything, always ensuring your best interests are protected.

Best of all we visit the property every three months to check it is ok, it could otherwise be that the tenant does not tell you about a damp stain until the mushrooms are growing! We send you a written report complete with photos, this is free as part of the management service. That way those small problems do not become big ones.

We are here to provide peace of mind for our clients, all for just for a few percentage points extra each month, now that’s a price most of our clients think is worth paying.

We are on the Spot!

Our property managers are based here in our Putney Office, so we are on the spot, not a distant call centre where you seldom speak to the same person twice, your designated property manager will have visited your property before the tenant moves in so they will know it intimately. In an emergency we can be there within minutes during office hours.

Out of Hours

Naturally we cannot be open 24/7, so we use a company that we have dealt with for over 20 years, who have an exclusive night time contact number and if needed their operatives that can rapidly reach your property in the event of an emergency.

Kick Backs

It may seem amazing but there are agents who demand a cut of what contractors earn from the business the agent gives them. This is a deplorable misuse of the trust the client has placed in the agent, and a direct conflict of interests.

We never have, and never will expect any form of kick back, or commission, from anyone we instruct on your behalf. We ensure we work only in your interests.

Here is how you can benefit from our property management services:


  • Your own designated property manager
  • Local to your property in emergency
  • Free quarterly inspections
  • Handyman for simple jobs
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Tried and tested contractors
  • Fast payment system
  • Rent warranty schemes
  • Deposit dispute resolution
  • Legislation update service
  • Negotiate renewals on your behalf
Get in touch to find out more about how we can help manage your property
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