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Meet the Allan Fuller team

We are family owned and run and have been since we started in 1983. That alone makes us unique, but it’s not just that. We are truly dedicated to what we do and to Putney, Fulham and the surrounding areas. Most of us live locally and as a company we are heavily involved in community activities.

We are very proud of being old fashioned in one vital respect, the service and dedication we give to all of our customers. We know just how stressful the process of moving can be, so right from the start we aim to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and we will be with you, guiding and assisting you through the whole process, up to and including the day you move.

In every other respect we embrace all the latest technology, for example if you instruct us to sell or let your property, marketing can commence the same day and your property will be displayed on websites that same evening.

Property is our business, but it’s people that matter – why not put us to the test now and experience some good old fashioned service?

Meet us

  • Allan Fuller
    Allan FullerManaging Director

    Allan started the business in 1983, he comes from a family of surveyors and builders and has spent his entire career in the property market. His focus is and always has been to provide honest, sound advice, professional service and expert knowledge. With so much dedication it is very difficult to convince him to take a holiday! He keeps us all on our toes with his infectious laugh, and is best approached once he has had his tea and toast in the morning!

  • Kate Cooper
    Kate CooperSales Director

    Kate is a Director of the company, she runs the sales department, so her main focus is appraising properties, and making sure we sell them! Fuelled throughout the day by an intravenous supply of tea, her favourite pastimes are shopping, brunching, and making cakes. Her main objective at the moment is to persuade us that she can have a dog that she can bring to work!

  • Matthew Zorzi
    Matthew ZorziSales Negotiator

    Matt is our Senior Sales Negotiator. He is originally from South Africa, a brilliant artist, producing great doodles while on the phone and popular cartoons of his colleagues! He knows regular client updates are vital so keeps all of our customers in the picture… A dedicated follower of style, Matt is the perfect modern gentleman, and just for research you understand, can inform you about all bars, pubs and restaurants locally!

  • Dominik Graf
    Dominik GrafSales Negotiator

    Dominik might sound American, which is because he spent most of his life there, but he is actually German, so can speak 3 languages! He has a strong background in construction and is a keep fit fanatic always in the gym, but he keeps his rippling muscles hidden when at work…so ladies please form an orderly queue. He is saving up for an American Dodge Challenger so please help him by buying a house soon!

  • Chloe Pardell
    Chloe PardellLettings manager

    Chloe runs our Lettings Department. She hails from the Wye Valley in Herefordshire, and you can still hear a slight twang in her voice. She now loves living in London but regularly visits home to sample all the fresh local produce, she is a real foodie and working her way through all the differing cuisine London has to offer, she keeps so slim with her daily exercise routine and regular 6 am run around Putney accompanied by Kate!

  • Delphine Violle
    Delphine ViolleSenior Lettings Negotiator

    Delphine is our delightful French senior lettings negotiator, so she speaks English with a lovely sexy French accent! She adores living in London, and tells us that it’s much more fun than Paris, but won’t admit that the restaurants are better here. We love it when she goes home to Montpellier as she always comes back with treats like pate made to an old family recipe by her grandmother.

  • Che Masroh-McDowell
    Che Masroh-McDowellLettings Negotiator

    Pronounced Shay to avoid confusion, apparently a name suggested by his uncle who must have had a Che Guevara poster on his bedroom wall. A devout Manchester United fan and keep fit fanatic he loves the fact that everyone here gets free gym membership, and that’s where you will usually find Che after work, but be careful he is also a boxer, well we certainly think he is knock out!

  • Bethan Williams
    Bethan WilliamsOffice Administrator

    Our ever hard pressed lettings administrator Bethan, a secret shopaholic with a keen eye for fashion, she is forever on the search for the next outfit. She has a love of dance and has studied ballet, as well as currently training in contemporary dance.

  • Sue Martindale
    Sue MartindaleFinancial Director

    Sue is a Director of the company, she runs the accounts and management side of the business, so controls the purse strings… we all make sure we keep on the right side of her! Always full of bright ideas, she came up with gym membership for us all. With three grown up children, Sue recently got her first grandchild, so lots off cooing and ahhing over the photos.

  • June Durham
    June DurhamProperty Manager

    Our pocket rocket, at 5 foot 1 inch, conclusively proving that the best things come in small packages! June is one of our Property Managers, she somehow remains calm under all circumstances, maybe it was bringing up three children. Now with 3 grandchildren her family keep her busy, her daughter lives in Ibiza with her two young children so June frequently visits and we love the Spanish goodies she brings back.

  • Katie Millington Dawkins
    Katie Millington DawkinsProperty Manager

    Katie is another of our property managers, she was a lettings negotiator before switching to an admin role and she loves being organised so she is in the right job! But it does not end when she gets home, she has 3 very lively young children that more than keep her on her toes, her clubbing days may be over but they do loads as a family, ice skating, bike riding, bowling, its exhausting just hearing about it all!

  • Janell Husseyin
    Janell HusseyinAccounts Assistant

    Janell works in accounts and looks after all client payments and rents. With a father originally from Turkey she has naturally been a frequent visitor and travelled there extensively, judging by all she brings back she is a brilliant bargainer in the vast Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, with over 3,000 shops to choose from! Skills that unfortunately don’t seem to have much effect in Putney High Street though.

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