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Tuesday 26th February 2019

As the 29th of March draws ever nearer the future of the UK looks ever more uncertain. Added to the mix there is the political turmoil in Parliament and you can excuse anyone for being confused, our leaders are so what hope do we have?

Life does however have to go on. Two years ago, in February 2017 the government published a weighty report called, ‘Fixing Britain’s Broken Housing Market.’ The person occupying the top job in government for our sector is the Housing Minister. Bet you cannot name him? I would offer a bottle of champagne if you can, but like me you would probably have to use the Web to get the answer. To save you the trouble it is Kit Malthouse who landed the job; or more likely it landed on him in July last year, and made him the 16th holder of the position in 20 years.

He has however not been idol. Announcements from his department in February got lost among the fog of Brexit. £6 million funding boost for affordable homes available to local groups across England; there is new government-funded training and advice to help communities kick-start local housing developments and Community-led sector expected to supply over 5,000 homes in the next 5 years, helping to deliver the homes our country needs. Added to this there is a £9 million cash injection to speed up the locally-led building of new garden towns and villages across the country has also been announced. All jolly good but in reality a drop in a big ocean of need.

Consultation has just finished with results due soon on new rules for developer contributions which help fund new roads, schools, play areas and other essential infrastructure in a move to quicken the pace of housing delivery in England, let’s see what this does.

Hopefully much more will be coming from the Housing Minister, and hope he lasts longer than his predessors… I will be watching, and will keep you informed.

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