Market Update
Saturday 03rd March 2018

Spring it is thought of as the time of years that plans of moving home begin to stir, will there be an increase in activity in the property market then this spring? Well it may be early to predict quite what will happen but for us we have already very busy so far this year, during January and February we created 60% more new lettings than last year, and double the amount of sales.

We have been proving conclusively that at the right price we are readily finding buyers and tenants. However there are properties that some agents put on the market at inflated figures that stick around for ages with prices drifting down so they get stale, and quite probably sell or let for less that they would have done if realistically marketed in the first place.

So my advice to would be vendors is don’t be fooled by price advise given just to impress you, and check any contract you sign, don’t give an agent a very long contract that then has a 4 week notice period.

Make sure you read the small print!

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