February TRIVIA: Answer!
Tuesday 05th March 2019

The answer to last months question is The Victoria Tower

 It is the square tower at the South-West end of the Palace of Westminster. At 98.5 metres (323 ft), it is slightly taller than the more famous Elizabeth Tower; formerly known as the Clock Tower and popularly known as ‘Big Ben’

Inside there are Parliamentary Archives in archive conditions on 12 floors. All 14 floors of the building were originally linked via a single wrought-iron Victorian staircase of 553 steps, of which five floors survive.

The Victoria Tower was purpose-built as a “fireproof repository for books and documents”, as required by the competition to rebuild the Palace of Westminster after the fire of 16 October 1834, which had destroyed the building and almost all of the records of the House of Commons. The records of the House of Lords survived the conflagration because they were, at the time, stored in the Jewel Tower, which was at a distance from the main building and still stands across the road from the Victoria Tower.

Many of the documents are on scrolls of parchment and beautifully hand written. There was complete reconstruction between 1948 and 1963 to provide 12 floors of air-conditioned document storage, and again between 2000 and 2004 to bring it up to contemporary archive storage standards.


Congratulations to Harry from Clapham this months name out of the hat.

[Photo Source: www.ecclawsoc.org.uk]

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