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Monday 04th March 2019

The Ecocapsule is an egg-shaped, mobile dwelling that utilises solar and wind energy. It was developed by Nice Architects, a firm based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Shaped like an egg to minimise its surface-area-to-volume ratio, its walls are made of two layers of fibreglass with polyurethane foam sandwiched in between.[1] Nice Architects describes the Ecocapsule as a “low-energy house packed into a compact form”,[3] although other potential applications include as a disaster-relief shelter, a scientific research station, and even as a “remote Airbnb

Weighing 1.7 metric tons (1.7 long tons; 1.9 short tons)[1] and measuring 4.7 meters (15 ft) in length by 2.2 meters (7.2 ft) in width[4] by 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) in height,[2] the 86-square-foot (8.0 m2)[5][6] Ecocapsule is designed to accommodate two occupants.[4] In addition to providing sleeping quarters for two with a folding bed, it also includes a kitchenette, a shower, a fold-out table, working windows, and even storage space.[1][2][4] The Ecocapsule’s interior is bathed in natural light and predominantly white in colour with blond wood accents. It  is powered primarily by a built-in, 750-watt wind turbine and secondarily by a high-efficiency, solar cell array. In fact  It is designed to produce more energy than it consumes, as long as the external temperature remains between −16 °C and 40 °C  The dwelling is also equipped with a 9,744-watt-hour (35,080 kJ) battery that can hold four days’ worth of electrical charge.[1][4] If the battery is charged, the Ecocapsule diverts some of the energy captured by the solar cells to supplement its water heater. Other energy-conservation features of the dwelling are its high-efficiency climate control system and a heat exchanger that uses exhaust air to warm fresh incoming air.


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