Come Fly With Me
Sunday 02nd July 2017

Please put your chairs and trays in the upright position and ensure your seat belts are on. We have all heard it before on every flight we have been on and most of us can recite the safety lesson at the beginning of the flight that the cabin crew have to give to all the passengers. More importantly we have all at some point or another walked past, when boarding or disembarking, the cockpit or greeted the captain and had a peek at the cockpit in all its glory, mystery and what seems like an endless amount of flashing buttons. Personally I have always been very intrigued by airplanes and secretly impressed and admired with the pilots who fly them. This could be because of the child like wonder I have for aeroplanes and coupled with growing up watching Hollywood movies like Passenger 57, Air force one, Flight pan, Con Air, The Aviator or more recent movies like Flight or Non-stop meant that that I was the first to volunteer when afforded the opportunity!

How you ask? Well the lovely staff at the recently opened Flight Experience which is situated at Tileman House, 129 Upper Richmond Road and who offer the unique experience of allowing anyone to try their hand at flying a simulator of the world’s most popular jet airliner, the Boeing 737. And let me just tell you that Flight Experience is the full experience and I was very impressed with the attention to detail and the all the added extras that make for the entire experience. Your ticket for the flight which is a boarding pass you present when you arrive, (you also get a modern style roster) meeting your first officer and co-pilot, all instructors are fully qualified, the cockpit is a like for like replica of the real thing, the simulations’ graphics are superb and give you the real sensation of being at different altitudes in different regions, the fact that you can choose from literally thousands of different airports around the globe from Heathrow to Singapore or even somewhere you have visited or not and want to, the only limit is whether a 737 can actually fit into the airport! I am south African and was able to land at Thabo international in Johannesburg which I have done many a time as a passenger visiting home but never as the pilot! An amazing experience to say the least.

Just to reiterate the simulation cockpit is the real deal and actually used for training of pilots. There is a variety of other services the company offers. There is a course for people who have a fear of flying and helps them better understand aeroplanes, flying and what is involved to help them overcome their fears and anxiety. They also do corporate events and team building which is a great day out for all involved. Everyone can have a go whilst the rest of the group watch from the cockpit, jump seats or the main room watching the live feed on a TV monitor. Catering and refreshments are available at different levels and can be tailored to your needs. On top of this they run Groundschool London which offers courses for people who intend to go into the industry or enthusiasts who just want to learn more about the hobby they love.

Needless to say but I had a blast and I could not recommend trying this fantastic service more.

Flight Experience London is in Tileman House, just by our office, check out the website and book your flight! Telephone 020 300 40616.

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