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December Trivia Answer
Wednesday 09th January 2019

Two of the reindeer were originally given Dutch names, “Donder and Blixen” (Bliksem), meaning thunder and lightning. It is only modern publishers who have rechristened them with the German “Donner and Blitzen.” The 1823 poem by Clement C. Moore “A Visit from St. Nicholas” also known as “‘Twas the Night […]

Monday 01st October 2018

The most famous aspect is that it boasts the world’s longest pleasure pier. Proving that size can matter What started in 1829 as a relatively short pier after various works by 1929 it eventually was extended to its full length of 1.3miles. The pier head was extensively redeveloped in 2000 […]

History of Soho
Thursday 06th September 2018

Gardener’s Hut, Soho Square. Soho was developed from farmland by Henry VIII in 1536, when it became a royal park and used for hunting, the name derived from a hunting call. In the late 17th century, buildings started to be developed for the upper class, including the laying out of […]

Tower of London
Tuesday 03rd July 2018

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, was founded towards the end of 1066. The castle was used as a prison from 1100 until 1952 when Kray twins were held there. A grand palace early in its history, it served as […]

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