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Market Update
Saturday 02nd February 2019

January for us fulfilled its promise of greater activity especially for our lettings with most of the properties we had available being let. Now we need plenty more! So if you are thinking of letting a property, or maybe on the market with no tenant please give us a call. […]

Market Update
Sunday 06th January 2019

January is the month of resolutions, perhaps for many a diet to dispel festive excess, maybe a ‘dry’ month resisting all alcohol, more exercise to get trim or getting forgotten muscles ready for skiing. This year however there is an urgent resolution we all need and that is a resolution […]

Market Update
Wednesday 05th September 2018

Suddenly its September The year is flying by. September is here and we beginning to enter the ‘Season of mellow fruitfulness’ as defined by John Keats, you can read the entire poem at: Back to Putney though and the property market. August was very much a game of two […]

Market Update
Sunday 05th August 2018

We are at an interesting point in the year, and I suspect that historians and political commentators will produce books and programs long into the future about Britain and its struggle to leave the EU. Much is said and written about the impact of the various scenarios of no agreement, […]

Market Update
Monday 02nd July 2018

This month we have entered the Wimbledon Tennis spirit with our window. Spirit is in evidence in the property market, although we would ideally like it to be a bit more of an active spirit! The good news for us is that we are creating sales and lettings at a […]

Market Update
Monday 04th June 2018

May was GDPR month, after all, the fuss the day came and went, and I seem to get just as much spam as before! Meantime as for property our sales have had a record month in terms of new deals created, in fact the most in any month since 2016. […]

Suddenly we are into the 2nd quarter of 2018
Sunday 08th April 2018

Its been a long dreary winter, but then it also seems hardly possible its April already. The first 3 months have certainly been hectic for us with new business for both sales and lettings comfortably outstripping what we were doing in the same period last year. Property is much is […]

Market Update
Saturday 03rd March 2018

Spring it is thought of as the time of years that plans of moving home begin to stir, will there be an increase in activity in the property market then this spring? Well it may be early to predict quite what will happen but for us we have already very […]

Market Update
Tuesday 30th January 2018

This year has started well for us, we have created 50% more lettings that in the first two months of last year, Sales too are far more active, in February we tripled the amount of sales agreed in February last year. We have been proving conclusively that at the right […]

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