Can property still be a good investment in 2018?
Sunday 07th January 2018

Well, you would not expect me to say no, but hear me out as to why I believe it is still highly worthwhile to consider property as part of an investment portfolio.

The first thing to consider is that property is a long term investment, it is not a get rich quick route to riches. It has always proven over time to be a solid safe place to have your money in this country. Values of property do fluctuate, there can be periods of rapid rising prices, and others when values can be reducing. Statistics show that in the past a downturn is followed by a period of growth. For example looking long term in 1990 we were selling 2 bedroom flats in Putney for an average of £90,000, similar flats today are on average £530,000, so I rest my case!

A flat in Putney bought today would let for about £1,450, equating to £16,800 p.a. and after normal costs it would net to a return of 2.6%. You’re tax on this would depend on your personal situation, and an accountant would be easily able to advice you.

That though is only half the story, given no attack by ‘rocket man’ with the funny hair cut the value will increase over time, so effectively you get a double benefit.

With my team and I here we have massive experience of selling property for investment, with our tenant finding and property management service we can administer full refurbishment of property if it is needed, we vet tenants as fully as we believe it can be done, offer free rent warranty cover ( subject to terms and conditions) and if we manage your property it is inspected every 3 months.

So for friendly expert advice do get in touch any time, or drop in for a coffee prepared by our resident barrister/negotiator Matt

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