A Towering achievement (Nearly)
Saturday 02nd February 2019

New York City is famous for Skyscrapers, but this is something else!

111 West 57th Street is a pencil thin construction reaching up to the sky, 1,428 ft (435 m) high with 82 stories.

Construction has been dogged with various issues, The Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York has criticized the building’s developer, JDS, for not giving their workers adequate safety training, and for not using union labor.

In the summer of 2017, after the tower had been built to 20 stories, construction stalled. The project was over budget, and speculation arose that it could be headed for foreclosure. According to lawsuits that were filed by major investors in the building, the developers neglected to account for cost overruns reaching $50 million in relation to renting construction cranes necessary for completing the skyscraper. All work later resumed so presumably this was sorted. However just three weeks ago, a suspended scaffold attached to the building, broke free from the exterior of the 55th floor and showered pieces of broken glass from cracked windows over nearby sidewalks due to high winds. The New York City Buildings Department initiated a partial stop work order, and issued the site a violation for failure to safeguard construction equipment. However, even with the mishap, the building is still expected to top out in the coming weeks.

In case you worry about the buildings stability in high winds the building will include an 800-ton tuned mass damper to provide stability in the event of high winds or a seismic event. In case you don’t know that this is it is also known as a harmonic absorber or seismic damper, is a device mounted in structures to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations. Their application can prevent discomfort, damage, or outright structural failure. They are frequently used in power transmission, automobiles, and buildings. In London they were used to stabilise the famous wobbly foot bridge over the Thames.

Currently there are apartments available from $18m to $58m, check them out at www.111w57.com

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